“Thanks for social media, I am a celebrity now”

Ever thinking to become a celebrity? Its not impossible. In fact, its easier than you imagined. You don’t have to chase a movie producer and then say “Hey I can do this stuff which other other people can’t so hire me and you will not regret it.”

What you have to do is create a creative work through social media network and then publish it to the internet society. If they like your work then they will come for you.

Don’t trust me? Fine…Take a look for this few examples.

Photo credit: Wikipedia

Did you know this person? His name is Perez Hilton. He used to be a normal person just like you and me however, thanks for his phenomenal celebrity blog, this guy became famous. His popularity not only widespread in the internet, instead his is also renown in the real world. He got invited to show like MTV music award and also become special guest in several TV programs. It estimated that this guy have have 6 million loyal followers in Twitter.

Photo credit: thatguywiththeglasses

Another example is the Walker brothers (Robert and Douglas) with their famous website, thatguywiththeglasses. Different with Perez Hilton, Walker brothers are focusing on movie reviewing, especially the older one. So how a simple reviewer could gain so much popularity? The answer is simple, they used comedy as part of their show. The Walker brothers are not using traditional written articles which is full of wall of text for their review material instead, they are using a interactive video format which in my opinion make their shows more interesting. Don’t believe me then I suggest you to visit their website or go straight to Youtube.

Other examples such as Psy and his famous “Gangnam Style” phenomena, people behind the Meme pictures like ridiculously photogenic guy Meme

Social media and its relations with Internet Celebrity

The question is how social media could make normal person into internet superstar? The first reason is because of types of information which presented inside the social media in this case, blog. Author of Participation, Remediation, Bricolage: Considering Principal Components of a Digital Culture” which is also one of my reading materials argue that blogs is resemble to pirate radio station in 1970s and 1980s which constantly sending messages that contradict with the mainstream radio. Blogs is different with normal printing media which deliver the news as the way it is. It usually present the information from its writer point of view which make it unique. Also, thanks to the “Convergence“, you could do something which normally you can’t in the  internet. For example, in the past television is the only tool where we can watch news or movies. Today, we could watch it through internet by accessing video hosting website such as Youtube. Same thing happen with photos album which turn into photo sharing website like Flickr or file storage cabinet which turn into cloud system. By combining all of this different aspect, you could make your social media more entertaining and innovative.

Second reason is because the capability of internet to instantly deliver the information. In one of his article titled “Privacy? Forget it, we’re all celebrities online now”, Todd Leopold from CNN is quoting professor Anthony Rotolo who saying that “In reality, we’re all kind of on ‘Big Brother’  on a reality show”. There is a truth on his statement if we compared with the condition on social media right now. One time you post a statement in your social media, in that moment other users could read it and they could share it to the other user who probably didn’t know you at all. This process will continue endlessly through the entire internet realm and by the time you notice, everyone knows about you.

If its so easy to become internet celebrity, then why we have to create something creative or unique just like the two example before? We could just keep updating our status in Facebook or commenting about something in Twitter for 24/7 and bam!!! You are famous, everyone knows about you. I personally disagree with that point of view. In my opinion, to become Internet celebrity, one must able to give its viewers something creative by utilizing different kind of tools that integrated with the social media networks. The other important thing is never forget about this three principle which taken from journalist purpose, that is to inform, to educate and to entertain people.

If you doing that then my friend, you are indeed a true internet celebrity.

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  1. Excellent work, but make an explicit link to at least one of the readings for the weeks of the post.

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