What I Get After Visiting Local Fish Market

So I just return from fish shop in Sumenep, one the biggest fish market in Jakarta. I’m quite surprise with the fish stock because last time I visit there I only find usual fish like Neon and Red Nose Tetra. Today I spot some rare fish which is hard to get, here is the list:

  • Galaxy Rasbora
  • Pygmy Corydoras
  • Styphodon Goby (I can’t identified the species)
  • Borneo Glass Catfish (Indonesia name Lais Kaca)
  • Brushmouth pleco, Red Lizard pleco, and another one that I can’t identified
  • Wasp/Butterfly Goby

The cost for this rare fish is quite unfriendly in my wallet, so I decide to bought another one which is cheaper. What is fish species is that, well here it is:

I’m happy to finally own this little critter again. The last one that I keep fly outside the aquarium and I will not repeat the same mistake.

This fish cost 5.000 IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) each. If converted to Dollar, it only cost 5 cent which is very-very cheap. I also got lucky because they give one for bonus because I bought five of this fish.

Ok, I’m off to release this fish in my aquarium. Hopefully they able to adapt with the aquarium conditions.

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